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At CP Recovery, we want you to know that you are not alone. You are not facing the significant challenges associated with eating disorders alone. We are here to understand you, to help you and to develop a plan that works for you—getting you onto a sustainable road of recovery.

Eating disorders will affect nearly 9 percent of the world population in your lifetime—men and women included. It’s common, it’s dangerous and many individuals do not get the help they need because they do not identify their disorder or they are simply afraid to ask for assistance.

We take an approach to treatment that focuses on healing the mind and body so that your recovery will last throughout a long and healthy life. Our coaching is personalized to meet your specific needs, allowing you to choose your path to physical and mental wellness.


A message from our founder.

From my lowest point of my eating disorder, I didn’t know that there was a possibility I could ever have separation and freedoms from my disordered eating. I never knew that my eating disorder was not my identity. Boy, was I mistaken. Eating disorders attack suddenly and are extremely painful and dangerous. It’s so important for you to know that you are not alone in this journey. Together we can separate and conquer your eating disorder.

My mission is to provide clients with the best, most compassionate and knowledgeable coaching and mentoring possible and to set them up for success in their path to freedom and recovery. It is a brand new beginning.

Casey Palmer, Founder